Nite Art

Join NiteArt at art sites across the city – commercial galleries, artist–run spaces, museums and unexpected architectural spaces. Melbourne opens up for a night artwalk event, where you ‘curate your own night’, connecting with art, artists and the city. Explore art precincts activated with mini-events, off-site exhibitions, artist talks and installations and finish at the Potter with the Basil Sellers Art Prize 2012 winning artist Jon Campbell’s band PAMELA, and DJ Arcane Trickster, open until 12.00 midnight.

Over two levels at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, The Basil Sellers Art Prize 2014 provides artists and viewers an opportunity to engage with the broad range of issues and ideas that sport can provoke. This $100,000 art prize was established in 2008 and is awarded biennially until 2016. It is awarded to a single work of art, which then becomes part of Basil Sellers’s collection, and is complemented by a $5,000 People’s Choice award. This year sixteen finalists have been selected for the fourth Basil Sellers Art Prize and are; Tony Albert, Narelle Autio, Zoe Croggon, Gabrielle de Vietri, Ivan Durrant, Shaun Gladwell, Richard Lewer, William Mackinnon, Rob McHaffie, Noel McKenna, Rob McLeish, Fiona McMonagle, Raquel Ormella, Khaled Sabsabi, Jenny Watson, and Gerry Wedd.


Tony Albert
Narelle Autio
Zoe Croggon
Gabrielle de Vietri
Ivan Durrant
Shaun Gladwell
Richard Lewer
William Mackinnon
Rob McHaffie
Noel McKenna
Rob McLeish
Fiona McMonagle
Raquel Ormella
Khaled Sabsabi
Jenny Watson
Gerry Wedd


The Ian Potter Museum of Art


Melbourne University

Zoe Croggon
born Melbourne 1989, lives Melbourne

Both flesh and not 3 2014
© Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer, Melbourne

Gabrielle de Vietri
born Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, 1983, lives Melbourne

Three teams (production still) 2013
high-definition video
© Courtesy the artist
Photo: Tarni Rees

Ivan Durrant.
born Melbourne 1947, lives Benalla, Victoria

On the bit 2014
synthetic polymer paint on board
100 x 180 cm
© Courtesy the artist

Shaun Gladwell
born Sydney 1971, lives London

The archer (video still) 2014
high-definition video, colour, sound
© Courtesy the artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery and Arenamedia

Rob McHaffie
born Melbourne 1978, lives Melbourne

Women’s semis (detail) 2014
oil on canvas
triptych; 84 x 56 cm, 84 x 56 cm, 92 x 92 cm
© Courtesy the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Noel McKenna
born Brisbane 1956, lives Sydney

The underarm bowling incident of 1981 2014
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
180 x 150 cm
© Courtesy the artist, Niagara Galleries, Melbourne; and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Khaled Sabsabi
born Lebanon 1965, lives Sydney

Organised confusion (production still) 2014
high-definition video, colour, sound
© Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane

Richard Lewer
born Hamilton, New Zealand, 1970; lives Melbourne

Untitled 2014 (production still)
high-definition video, colour, sound
© Courtesy the artist, Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide; and Utopian Slumps, Melbourne