Alasdair McLuckie, ‘Study’, Archival Inkjet Print on Paper, 42x30cm, 2015


Alasdair McLuckie, ‘Study’, Ballpoint Pen and Acrylic on Recycled Card, 30x21cm, 2015

Alisdair McLuckie

Alasdair McLuckie’s practice adopts a meticulous process to explore mythology, ritual, and re-birth using drawing and craft with a strong formalist aesthetic sensibility. Each work’s attention to detail translates into a dense visually symbolic language that expresses the infinite possibilities of creation, unifying process, material, image, and concept.

The exhibition ‘House of Joy/Hello Ladies’ will continue the exploration of McLuckie’s interest in tribal arts, its aesthetic relationship to modernism and contemporary western art traditions, as well as the dynamics of desire, the other, the exotic, and primitivism that underlines this history.

The exhibition will also be made in response to CHL’s unique space and its relationship to the audience.  The works final presentation is more concerned with installation than it has previously been in McLuckie’s practice.


House of Joy/ Hellos Ladies




Chapter House Lane


Flinders Lane