Anna Madeleine
Anna Madeleine, Sphere 2, 2015, Glow in the dark stickers on acrylic, 50cm x 50cm

Anna Madeleine

Like glow in the dark star constellations on a bedroom ceiling, the Ewald Spheres luminesce and fade in response to darkness and light.

Drawn from the science of X-ray crystallography, the spherical pattern is based on data produced by scientists from the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne. The data is used to identify the atomic structure of a crystal and is generated via the technique of X-ray diffraction. X-ray diffraction involves shooting a beam of light through a crystal and measuring its diffracted reflections. The reflections are then collected and mapped, in this case as a stereographic projection.

I have recreated these Ewald spheres using fragments of glow in the dark star stickers. Depending on if they’re seen in daylight, darkness or UV light, the spheres change from grayscale to vibrant luminescence, reflecting the slow transformation that happens as crystals grow. The work encompasses the optical phenomena of light found in natural occurrences such as fluorescent minerals, and reflects the wonderment of the universe.

Anna Madeleine is an emerging artist working across mixed media, stop-motion animation and installation, with an interest in the intersection between art, technology and science.

She has recently completed her PhD in media arts at UNSW Art and Design, and holds a BA (Visual) with Honours in Photomediafrom the ANU School of Art in 2007. Her work has been shown in Sydney, Caberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Montreal, London and Los Angeles and she has participated in several residencies including Insight Radical (University of Melbourne), Sydney Artspace, Splendid Arts Lab, Canberra Conteporary Art Space, Kala Arts Institute (Berkeley, USA) and CTRLlab (Montreal, Canada). Anna is currently working with scientists from the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne.


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