3Dan Bell / Debris Facility

A scaffolding which can pivot, be assembled, augmented, supports a flexible membrane. This is a material lens, a net, tracing movements, compressions, dissipation and refraction of light. The transformative properties of heat are queried and complicated though material processes and it’s relationship to lived bodies and experiences.  The fragments flick in and out of focus and they zoom in and out of scale in relationship to a human hand, unfolding with potential and burden. A scaffold inhabiting a framing device, a support structure, a parasite and a prison.

This new sequence of work will engage with textile processes, video, sculpture, performance and costuming in a tactile sensory exhibition of new works which will be altered though the course of the exhibition.

Dan Bell / Debris Facility is a Melbourne-based cross media artist, often generating installation, sculpture, jewellery and other wearable works. Since graduating from ANU, Canberra School of Art in 2007, they have sustained an active art practice with projects through Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia through places such as Langeng Art Foundation, Gertrude Contemporary, George Paton Gallery, RM Project Space, Dog Park Projects, TCB artinc., MUMA, Rice and Beans, Y3K, Utopian slumps, Slopes, Pieces of Eight, Alaska Projects and Sutton Gallery. They are currently undertaking a studio residency at Gertrude Contemporary.


Dan Bell
Debris Facility


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