Default Collective_ReplayDefault Collective. Replay (2015) Digital Video Loop.

Default Collective

This site-specific video documents the entrance lift for the offices in Total House (AKA TV House) in Melbourne’s CBD. The constant opening and closing of the lift door suggests the monotony of office life, while the highly reflective surfaces of metal, mirrors and glass reflect the city back onto itself. The constant rhythm created by the door is countered by the haphazard rhythms of the city outside. This highly-trafficked space sits at the threshold of the building, and evokes broader questions about the interdependent relationship between individual architectural sites and the surrounding city.

Added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 2014, Total House is one of Melbourne’s best examples of Japanese-inspired Brutalist architecture. Off-form concrete accentuates the building’s structure and function while overtop the floating parking decks is an office block resembling an old television set. Total House was originally built to accommodate the massive increase in car ownership in the post-World War II period and remains both historically and architecturally significant to the state of Victoria. It is possibly one of the first buildings in Australia to combine a multi-story carpark, office building, ground level shops and a theatre in the basement. A nightclub has since replaced the basement cinema and the office space is now home to a multitude of architecture and design practices.

Adult supervision is required for children at all times.




Total House (AKA TV House)


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