Eliza Hutchinson Image JPED

Courtesy of Eliza Hutchison and Murray White Room, No 3 from the series Family Photos 2015, light jet print, 66 x 104 cm


Eliza Hutchinson_The Red and White
In the red and white #5. 2015. Ink jet print

Eliza Hutchison

After a 2014 residency at the Cite des Internationale, Paris, Eliza Hutchison produced Family Photos, a series of photographs representing a personal and collective antipodean memory of the French metropolis. The series is a fractured narrative of stolen moments and reflection, presented as a series of psychological diptychs. The photographs record and interpret sentiment and revisitation, addressing the traversal of time, place and memory. This work is presented at Murray White Room.

At CAVES, Eliza Hutchison presents a photographic installation exploring the morally transient idea of sentimentality in a fluid and expansive archive of ‘pinkness’. The images are drawn from the artist’s own archive in combination with re-photographed media images of obscure, archetypal representations of ‘pinkness’ in mass culture. Hutchison connects themes of the body, kitsch, war, landscape and combinations thereof. The work explores the physiological and psychological experience of ‘pinkness’ in all its hues, luminosity and brightness, as well as its corporal resonances and how this in turn might inform and drive the content.


Family Photos
The Red and The White


Murray White Room


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