Katie Sfetkidis
Katie Sfetkidis, In Deep Water, Photo of work at Cockatoo Island, Underbelly Arts Festival, May 2013. Credits: image by Lucy Parakhina.

Katie Sfetkidis


In Deep Water is a lighting and sound installation work about bioluminescence in the deep sea.

Inspired by a TED talk by marine biologist Edith Widder, In Deep Water examines the mysterious language of light used by bioluminescent creatures.

In this dark world beyond the sun, bioluminescent creatures create magical light shows to both repel predators and attack prey. The work plunges audience members into the depths, taking them on a deep-sea journey into the unknown.

In Deep Water is particularly concerned with the human limits of understanding nature and what cannot be readily accessed within the natural world. By reaching this limit of understanding the artwork invokes our imagination and sense of wonderment. 

Katie Sfetkidis is a light artist and lighting designer for performance. In her practice Katie creates lighting and sound installations that explore the relationship between light and dark.  Katie’s recent work In Deep Water is an exploration of bioluminescence found in the deep sea.

Katie has presented work in Festival of Live Art, Underbelly Arts Festival, Brisbane Festival – Under the Radar, Blindside Gallery and Newport Substation Gallery.  For theatre Katie has worked with companies’ including Melbourne and Sydney Theatre Companies, Malthouse Theatre and Belvoir St Theatre. She has been nominated for five Green Room Awards.


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