Kay Rozynski
Kay Rozynski, Diurnals, 2015, 5 x print, 80cm x 80cm each.

Kay Rozynski


1) Decide that a Creative Writing Ph.D. on Gertrude Stein is not enough of a challenge, fall pregnant before you submit / look nobody finishes on time anyway, and the baby will disclose new poems in other places and in other ways / for instance:

2)  the ordinarily frenetic zigzag you run through the day he will have you suspend, several times a day, to feed / if you must be still at these times then be still but

3) look at the light as it enters the bedroom window, the light as it meets the wall, the light that throws a longer shadow behind outdoorsy things as the day ages and

4)  look at the penumbra that plays with your skins, the light that changes colour almost every time you sit to look

5)  find the right word to name the colour of every part of every day /

but notice, too,

6)  laying down your tattered Tender Buttons to pick up the baby,

7) that no one’s palette is as lyrical as Stein’s / have her words

colour the light


Kay Rozynski writes conceptual poetry and prose, that is, texts that conscientiously wear the material conditions of their production and performance on their sleeves.

She earned a PhD from the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney in 2014, after completing her BA (Hons) at the University of Melbourne, where she now works sessionally teaching Spanish, Hispanic Cultural Studies and Creative Writing.

This year she launches Sippy Cup (sippysippysippy.tumblr.com), a small press publishing chapbooks of conceptual and other experimental writing. Other writing can be found in Cordite, Meanjin, HEAT and The State.


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