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Martina Copley, A Listener’s Guide to Bowing, 2015, work in progress.

Martina Copley

Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for events, exhibitions, performances and situations of the world’s leading artists working with sound. Liquid Architecture’s events approach the audible as an expression of the myriad, sometimes inaudible forces enframing, encoding, describing and producing what we hear – whether that is considered music, sound, or noise. Try bowing to everything as a way of listening. Working with a discontinuous flow of sound and film in the Japanese room, itself a reinstated elevated remnant space for commentary, A Listener’s Guide to… bowing inflects the act of listening to propose a critical form of attention. Unhinged from everyday patterns and graspings, the form of attention is a function of the form of attending.

Artistic Directors- Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela, Liquid Architecture Melbourne School of Design, Masson Road

Martina Copley is an artist, curator and writer interested in different modalities of practice. Based in Melbourne, she is a current candidate for the PhD of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Martina holds a Bachelor of Art (Fine Art), a Diploma of Educational Psychology, Monash University and an Honours degree in Art Curatorship and Museum Management from the University of Melbourne.

Recent exhibitions include I always read by listening to the text, Platform, Melbourne, 2014; Marvel, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, 2014; Black Painting, seventh, Melbourne, 2014; New Ancestors, City & Docklands Libraries, Melbourne, 2014; At dawn the image rings a dissonant tune that is inaudible to our ears and cannot be recalled, BUS Projects (with Michaela Bruton) 2014; Luminescence, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, 2013; Non, First Site Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne, 2012; The Grid Show: A reprised space with Articulations, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, 2012; ARTECYCLE 2012 Sculpture Award, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne.

Martina Copley’s work will take place in the Japanese room, designed by distinguished Japanese architect Professor Shigeru Yura and based on the simple Shoin-Sukuri domestic style of the Seventeenth Century. The Japanese room displays the excellent joinery and timber characteristics of Japan while the Japanese Garden is a tsubo-niwa, or courtyard garden or irregular shape, a design dating back to the Fifteenth Century. By locating the Garden adjacent to the Japanese Room we see at first hand the important relationship between Japanese interior and exterior spaces.


A listener’s guide to… bowing


Melbourne School of Design- Liquid Architecture


The University of Melbourne