'Hunting Season (Detail)  '6b pencil,3b pencils, oils on paper 175cmx55cm 2015 copy
HUNTING SEASON (detail), 6B pencil, 3B pencil, oils on paper, 550 x 1750 cm overall

Massimo Palombo

‘The real is the realm of the artist the extraordinary is the realm of journalists‘ D.H.Lawrence

“Pictures for a changing world comprise of ten oil paintings on long strips of cartridge paper, made between 2012 and 2014. These pictures are driven and inspired by my interest in the times we all live in. I think the relationship between the artist and the viewers is conversational, however it is not completely open. In my paintings the possibility of a literal reading is disturbed or interrupted by layers and fragmentation within the picture. I am constantly giving clues that there is some kind of rhetorical or critical interest operating in my work. I wish for the viewer to ponder ‘what should I ask myself before this picture’.”

Massimo Palombo


Pictures for a Changing World




Stephen McLaughlan


Flinders Lane