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The aim of the Wayfarer project is to invite reflection on the merging of the technical and the social in the city. It does this by representing both technical infrastructure and human bodies as things that generate datasets that are noticed and recorded by the Wayfarer. For the Wayfarer, which is tuned equally to fixed infrastructures as it is human bodies, there is little distinction between the two.

A secondary aim is to invite reflection on the experience that devices themselves may have in the technical city. Wayfarer does this by visualising the experience of the device itself, highlighting that even the most overly technical objects can embody some kind of knowledge of the world.

To make these aims explicit, the Wayfarer – as an object – will be installed next to an audio- visual representation of the data it has recorded on a particular walk. This will be presented on a combination of map and data interfaces on a screen in the space that shows progression through the Wayfarer’s walk.

The walk shown in the space will be specific to the site of the installation. It will start at a significant central place and conclude at the site of the installation itself. Viewers of the work will be encouraged to walk the same path through the city to arrive at the Wayfarer, so that they can compare their own embodied experience of the walk with that of the Wayfarer.




Technology design, installation


Russell Place Substation


City Central 

Open House Melbourne Program