‘Untitled’ by Penny McKay, 2015

Penny Mackay

“I have two sisters who regrettably were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My current artwork explores the predisposition of genes that trigger this disease.”

Penny is a Sydney-based conceptual artist with a focus on bio-art. She completed her Masters at COFA, UNSW in 2000 and was granted the inaugural Art in Biomedical Science Residency with St Vincent’s Hospital and The University of Melbourne in 2014. Penny is currently working with scientists at The Garvan Institute in Sydney who are assisting her with the use of electron microscopy to explore patterns in DNA, both in the literal and abstract sense.

See artwork alongside the real human specimens that inspired them, learn about historical anatomical models and wax moulages, and listen to the artists share their own personal museum experiences.Join a tour of the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology and learn about our recent artist collaborations. Penny MacKay is our first resident artist for our newly created ‘Short Term Art in Biomedical Science Residency’ in collaboration with St Vincent’s Hospital, along with students from the Victorian College of the Arts and Medicine programs.



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