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Prevaricated Frequencies at The Dirty Dozen

Skunk Control

Skunk Control is a group of engineers, educators and scientists from the college of Engineering and Science at Victoria University. The group’s aim is to communicate art through science and science through art via installations that prompt investigation and engage feelings of excitement that define the process of discovery.

The magical subterranean world of Prevaricated Frequencies is launching The Dirty Dozen, twelve windows in the Degraves Street Underpass. Each of the 12 windows offers a different glimpse of Skunk Control’s creative expression through science and engineering. The work intervenes in and interrupts the natural frequencies of light, unlocking a beauty ordinarily invisible to the naked eye. The work uses fractured light to draw the viewer’s attention to invisible things we often take for granted, and only appear in their true forms once an intervention occurs.

The exhibition expands on the team’s award-winning work at the Gertrude Projection Festival in 2014. From stalagmites and tumbling stones to butterflies and kaleidoscopic cells, their polarised worlds show that creative thought can lie at the heart of any profession.


Prevaricated Frequencies


The Dirty Dozen


Flinders Lane