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In everything we do, we work steadily with copy and paste. We splice and read the agglomerated wall of gig posters curated at the club, the dissemination of forwarded email chains, the sampling of sounds that are mixed as we use high and low fashion in a fit of aspirational eclecticism. Forecasted mood boards in advertising agencies ricochet off popular blog tutorials showing how to customise and “hack” IKEA furniture. Aggregation and re-assemblage is how we live now. Collage is both a homage and quotation, prayer and soundbite. Re-adjusting the cropped proliferated image is how we spend much of our time. Through these instances of fractured self-curatorship we use collage to create something very much one’s own version of events. The attraction of recognising the familiar in the world around us never subsides.


Jack Brown
Beth Rose Caird
Jethro Harcourt
Ronnie Van Hout
Annabelle Kingston
Liang Luscombe
Sophie Neate
Sean Peoples
Kiron Robinson
Joshua Stevens
Kalinda Vary
Xanthe Waite
Grace Wood


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