Nite Art 2015 75 Artists_30

3 precincts, 30 art sites, and 75+artists

Curate your own night. Choose a precinct or explore art sites across Melbourne City and The University of Melbourne. Art happenings, artist talks, museums and late night events are listed with times here.

Nite Art 2015 City Central_30

City Central

Total House (AKA TV House)
West Space
Russell Place Substation
Athenaeum Library
City Gallery
Fort Delta
Kings ARI
Screen Space
Dark Horse Experiment
Blender Project Space
Melbourne Projection Window


Nite Art 2015 University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne

Ian Potter Museum of Art
Grainger Museum
Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology
The Carlton Connect Initiative – LAB–14
Melbourne School of Design
The Dax Centre

Nite Art 2015 City Central_Lt Blue Flinders LaneFlinders Lane

Murray White Room
Flinders Lane Gallery
Chin Chin Wall of Art
Chin Chin Go Go Bar
Karen Woodbury Gallery
Chapter House Lane
CAVES Gallery
Blindside ARI
Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
Hells Flags IV
Campbell Lane