Begin your night at Murray White Room to see esteemed artist Eliza Hutchison’s photography exhibition ‘Family Photos’.


jump on the tram for one stop down Collins Street and then turn right into Russell Street


Next up, head to Russell Place Substation to catch Paper Giant’s Wayfarer project that invites reflection on the merging of the technical and the social in the city.


continue your journey down Russell Street


At Total House (AKA TV House), Julia Weissenberg will present her two-channel video Nothing to Retain, this work also complements the work of Victor Burgin and Amie Siegel which can been seen at Screen Space.


walk down Little Bourke Street to take the tram down Swanston Street to reach The University of Melbourne


In the foyer of the Melbourne Brain Centre, Kiron Robinson has curated a show of projections by current and past artists from the Victorian College of the Arts.


walk through to the Dax Centre


From the Fire’ is an exhibition of works created by those affected by the Black Saturday fires in 2009, a number of different mediums will be present as well as works made by children from Yarra Glen Primary School.


across campus is the new Melbourne School of Design building, finish off your night here


This building will showcase two artists, Martina Copley and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang during Nite Art, explore the sounds of the works throughout this new building and experience the innovative architectural space in new ways.