Embark on your night by viewing the work by Roy Chu on the Chin Chin Wall of Art as well as his photography exhibition downstairs at the Go Go Bar.


take a stroll down Flinders Lane until you reach Centre Place on your left


At Hell’s Kitchen, Colleen Ahern will be launching her set of flags to hang above up above the footpath of Centre Place.


just cross over Collins Street to find your next destination


The exhibition opening of The Smell of an Oily Rag at Fort Delta is bound to be a busy one with the work of many emerging and established artists being shown.


the next stop is almost next door


Stop off at Bar Americano to have a drink and prepare for the second half of the night.


take a tram down Elizabeth Street to Franklin Street


Down at Dark Horse Experiment/Blender Studios, visitors can have access to the artist studios and when the roller door is lifted, experience the transition of art out into the laneway.


jump back on the no.19 tram on Elizabeth Street to The University of Melbourne and walk through to Swanston Street


A blend of art and science, the exhibition Light Speculation at Carlton Connect Initiative provides a platform for interaction and exploration.


just cross over the road back onto campus


Finish off Nite Art 15 with a visit to the Ian Potter Museum of Art, our late nite hub until 12 pm, where local band The Orbweavers will perform at 10.15pm, while Julie Rrap’s video will be projected on to the wall of the building. Join us.